Jesus Knows What I Need

This morning, I uttered a short prayer: “Lord, I know you’re my provider. I believe that I will have a “wild” provision today. It is more than what I need, Lord. I believe. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

It was a prayer full of hope, full of expectation…and self-centeredness.

Four hours later, my finances went to almost zero. Yes, almost zero, but I’m still believing that God will provide.

“The day has not yet ended, Mich.” It’s me monologuing. “I still have four hours left.” (By the way, I’m just an ordinary employee who spends nine hours of my precious time at work.)

“Time’s up!” My nine hours of expectation had gone to nothing.

Out of frustration, I asked God if He heard my prayer this morning, but to no avail. My heart started to weep, and my eyes followed what my heart was doing. I cried on my way home.

With my eyes closed, I started to worship Him… despite of my disappointment. I was called to worship in every season. He is worthy of my praise no matter what happen.

“You have everything what you need, Mich. Financial blessing is just like a mustard seed, a tiny portion of what I’ve given to you. You have everything, Mich. You have Me. You lack nothing,” the Spirit convicts.

My heart cried out of gratitude! The disappointment turned once again into hope.. a hope that does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in my heart by the Holy Spirit who was given to me. (Romans 5:5, paraphrased) Solid faith. Thank you, Jesus! 

The supply of grace is enough for our daily needs. Man survives daily. Breathing barely, but daily. And grace is such a sweet assurance that a daily portion is provided for you. In Jesus, all needful things are stored up for you.

Jesus knows what you and I need. Just Believe. 🙂
I would like to share this song before I go to bed. God bless you, dear reader. 🙂

I Believe God (Martha Munizzi)

I believe God
His word is true
I believe God
What He said He will do
I believe God
He will always come through
I will choose to believe
I believe–God
(Repeat 3 times or as necessary)

Lord we believe You, we receive from You
Lord we want more than just to believe you
We desire to receive You
Lord we open up our hearts
Lord we lift up our hands
And we say we receive, we receive
Let us take You at your word
And I believe You
I receive everything you have for me
I belive in your resurrection power
Yes I do
I believe that you died for me to set me free
I believe it
Everything you said to me
Is written in red
Jesus, Jesus
I believe in Jesus,
For my family, for my Children
I believe You, I believe You
I believe you, I believe You

Open my heart and I receive God
I believe God


One thought on “Jesus Knows What I Need

  1. I do agree along with you. in most muslim majority nations we donot take care of non muslims accordingly and no question they hate /lack of communication and large amount of mistrust concerning unique religions.

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